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Second Hand Seniors

Where Imperfect Is Perfect  

Choose the senior you would like to sponsor:

 Rema (12 years) Shepherd


                            Babs (10 years) Chow Chow. Babs crossed the bridge on July 16, 2010. Rest in Heaven my fluffy red friend.   


Harland Senior Chow Chow - Sunset April 9, 2010 - Cancer - my heart is always with you Harland

                Henry (10 years) Lab - Henry Has Adopted and now lives as an inside dog with his new family. Way to go Henry!!!!!!!


                                          Ford (10 years) Shepherd


  Sally (12 years) Lab *Bonded Pair*


Angel (12 years) Dacshund *Bonded Pair*


                       Ringo (14 years) Chow Chow

                                Tucker (10 years) 110 pound black lab **Bonded Pair**

                          Toby (7 years) 100 Pound yellow lab **Bonded Pair**

Clyde (7 years)

                                                              Tee (11 years) Shepherd


        Spooky aka "Weldon" (7 years) Great Dane/Black Lab. Spooky's previous owner bound his mouth laving the scar across his muzzle. Read his story here: www.poundpals.blogspot.com