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Second Hand Seniors

Where Imperfect Is Perfect  

Second Hand Seniors Volunteer Agreement
In an effort to better match our volunteers with our volunteer opportunities, we are asking volunteers to complete and return the following form.
I would like to volunteer to:
Update Petfinder
Update Pets911
Update Dogster
Update AdoptAPet
Update Facebook
Update Twitter
Update MySpace
Serve on the School Outreach Program at my local school
Please list your school district & Campus nearest you______________________________
Serve as Home For The Holidays Coordinator in my local area
Please list your local area ______________________________
Place donations canisters and monitor them regularly
Please list areas you are willing to place donation cans
Place food donation bins and monitor them regularly
Please list areas you are willing to place donation bins and monitor them regularly
Organize an adoption table (no dog handling required)
Please list general area_________________________________________
Organize a dog food drive
Organize a vet donation drive
Collect donated items for the spring and fall yard sale event
Contact businesses in my area to request donations of goods
Serve as a donation drop off location
Sponsor a senior rescue dog
Organize a sponsorship drive to Sponsor Housing For A Senior Rescue Dog (cost is $1,000 per housing unit)
Conduct Home Visits
Please list areas of availability ______________________________________________
Research grants
Design Logos
Design Handouts
Design Fliers
Produce Newsletters
I would like to help in other ways: (please explain)
I understand that adoption and foster information is always confidential and I must not disclose any details of adoption or any information regarding adopters or fosters. I also understand that as a Second Hand Senior volunteer, I must not produce a negative image or present the rescue in a negative manner. In the event that I choose to no longer volunteer with SHS, I understand that I am still bound to the confidentiality agreement.  I certify that I have not been charged with or convicted of any animal related offense - including abandonment, abuse, neglect and/or have not engaged any animal in dog fighting.
Volunteer Name (Printed)
Home Phone
Cell Phone